Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Cricket and human behavior

Was reading an article in the ET today which made me write this post.The essence of this article was that we love ourself the most in the world and all our actions indirectly act towards satisfying this self-love.

I don't know who had this as a status message on the Shitbook,
"Loving someone who doesn't love you is like batting when you need 37 runs in 6 balls. You know it's impossible...but you still have a small hope that Ashish Nehra will bowl the last over." 

Dear cricket fan, if you say that you love cricket let it be unrequited love.This statement may give you a few likes and comments and make you feel good but remember it was you in 2003 World cup celebrating Nehra's wickets.You must have forgot that he vomited on the sidelines after every over but still against all the odds delivered.His one match defined him as a good committed person.So why you liked him then and not today? It's not your fault , it is how you are.Humans seldom remember your achievements but talk about a  failure and there you are.It's in your subconscious to seek pleasures in anything.For all those cartoons on Ponting , dear photoshop experts and cartoonists please spare him.Why portray this as a revenge against Australia? Remember that you just one a match against an invincible side lead by Ponting. It was not a sad demise of a hero but a display of rising above all expectation.It was by no means a joke but a profound display of heroics. I know that appreciation is a difficult thing in life because it is something which you do for others and does not come naturally to you but refrain from mocking someone.

I know how the real lovers of cricket are.I know the feeling of despair when my side looses.I have lived and breathed cricket in the non internet era.I have stood for 8 hours straight to watch cricket matches outside a TV shop.I did not eat on the black day of Indian cricket in Eden Gardens.Cricket is not all about Tendulkars but about Mooneys as well.

Kindly do not spoil cricket by useless micro blogging.


Moli said...

Why so serious dost?
of all I expected you to laugh it off.
I don't know if it is a wise man's duty to step to the cause and impart knowledge. I believe reaction to such a statement is unnecessary. Immaterialness is the key to life. Why so much anger against the shitbook? Share you opinion, not anger. I always thought I learnt that from you.
With loving intention
dear friend

Abhinav said...

@ Moli : Not meant to be serious dost. Just voice your opinion in a more practical way rather than cracking jokes on some extraordinary cricketers.
Not at all anger , i think probably the tone of the post created this impression.

Smita said...

Hmmm I agree with you on this!!! Sometimes I feel that with a keyboard in our hand we feel enpowered and write whatever we feel like!!!!

Moli said...

@bachcha bhai
that was not my status on facebook!!
I do not support the message either.

I just wanted to ask you why so much heat for something someone else has said ... Always thought it mattered more to you what you thought than what others did.

Abhinav said...

@Moli : I know i was not ur status . I am also on the learning phase still to control emotions. Yaar cricket par emotions to hota hi hai.

Chola said...

I think you got carried away :) . I may talk on this on and on but ultimately , I have two things to say. Firstly, the game is always bigger than the people & Secondly, if we Indians were so sensible than we would have been a much better nation. I mean look at the leaders we choose, I mean do you ever believe in the system.

Jyoti said...

Wonder what the one will have to say after tomrw match..:)

Abhinav said...

@Jyoti : All critics are silent sab ko behti Ganga mein haath dhone ki aadat ho gayi hai.

saranya said...

Well said, Abhinav :)

Vinnie said...

i just came to this post now after our win...n u r damn right, its a pity i didnt see it that way before...probably i'm not a true cricket fan...but i'll remember to refrain from all that next time:)