Friday, March 4, 2011

Show Me a Hero by Aditya Sudarshan

I received the review copy of this book a few days ago. I guess if you walk into a book store u will find a pool of new arrivals by Indian authors. The problem with these books is the same as with Bollywood.The tales vary from marriage, corporate life, adolescence, love to topics like losing virginity. The story telling is mostly plain in these books. I write down good lines from a book in my diary and read it from time to time. But I have rarely found any such lines in these books.

I would rate Aditya’s  book as readable , especially the second part. Vaibhav , the narrator is young and lives alone in Delhi.He lives a monotonous life until he bumps into his college mate Prashant.Prashant is a confident young guy coming from a rich family. He holds to his ideas very strongly and brings it to action. He decides to make a movie on a controversial cricketer. He holds a certain opinion about the cricketer and tries to bring it out through the movie. In this process he involves Vaibhav and others. However once they start shooting the movie they land into one trouble after another. However a mysterious death brings everything to a halt.

Aditya has done a satisfactory job in bringing the various pieces of the mystery together. I call it satisfying because at many instances things happen by coincidence. Rarely will a famous cricketer make a movie with kids and seldom do things happen so easily as it takes place in the book. You will find Lights Camera and Cricket written on the cover of the book. Don’t pick the book for the love of cricket because it talks more about the cricketer than cricket. Pick this book for a light read without thinking much about the facts.

About the author: Aditya Sudarshan is a fiction writer. He is the author of a novel,A Nice quiet Holiday,a play,Sensible People,and several short stories and television scripts. He also writes literary criticism for The Hindu Literary Review and other publications.

Rating : 2.5/5

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