Sunday, November 1, 2009

Book Review

Book name:Angela's Ashes(Winner of the Pulitzer prize)

Author: Frank McCourt

The book is about Mccourt's childhood.The place is Limerick,Ireland where it constantly rains and it is hard to keep dry. 20 years of pain and suffering.His father was a alcoholic and drank away whatever money he had. 3 of his 7 siblings died of hunger and malnutrition.He himself escaped death when he was lucky to fight back from a terrible Typhoid. Then he had a terrible Conjunctivitis as a outcome of picking so much of coal.

He lived in a house infested with rats and pests. The lavatory of the street was near the entrance of his home and any normal man would have long died of the stench.For many years they  managed from the money they got from the Christian societies.Having tea and bread for years and a Pigs head for Christmas dinner was a shame.He liked his father in the morning when he would tell him stories but hated him when he made them sing patriotic songs in the night after getting drunk.

Slowly he grew older and at the age of 15 he got a job as a telegram delivery boy. Then he did a couple of other jobs but the purpose was to save money for New York. The book ends with him leaving for New York where he begins a new life.

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