Thursday, November 12, 2009

Country Roads

Every now and then I think of the trip to Arunachal. I must say as far as traveling is concerned it was the most exciting. I realized this a month ago when I was headed for Yercaud. No doubt the roads were good but the excitement was lacking. Every time  , every 5 km you would see a milestone which would make you feel that you are closer to the destination. I found them very distracting because though heading on the right road was necessary but the destination was never the purpose. The straight road lacked the adventure we had at every turn in the Arunachal roads. 

There are many ways of seeing this, some people may feel more real more, comfortable traveling on the straight road because there is always that security, that peacefulness about that road. But dancing roads are wonderful. You may call people who constantly change their paths as psycho but you will never understand their quest for the new. When every turn is different, uncertain, when every tree is of different color and on the same road the sun shines differently at different places you are forced to exult with joy. 

May be this is something to do with quality, because it is something which cannot be unified. To some degree two different people may agree upon the definition of quality but they can not agree on all aspects of it. Stability,  composure, goal, destination are the quality of the rational but changing paths time after time can never be irrational. After all these are terms which the society has coined to mold people into a way which they think is real and has quality.But quality is something left to you, for you to define and for you to follow.


Anonymous said...

OMG.. dis is a wonderful piece of writing.. u have beautiful thougts..

Anonymous said...

its beautifully.. so r the thoughts which r so refreshing

Anonymous said...

u indeed have beautiful thoughts.... hope u like music alos to an extent.... we have an up comming musical concert in jan... for more details reffer