Sunday, November 15, 2009


Whenever I sit and think about the last 4 years, it seems a dream.For the first time i started enjoying life. I did the things that I never had done in the other life.May be the right time to thank few people who introduced me to things which soon became my passion.

1. The first english song was,"comfortably numb" and i had heard it in Bl's room and ever since the list has just grown bigger.

2. Now every Saturday i wait for the EPL something which will always be there for the time to come. Thanks to Dedh for introducing it to me in the second year.

3.Always had wanted to read books but never had enough money to buy , probably it started with the Ganga hostel library and Middle.

4. Had never touched a computer before and I still remember Hypo teaching me to rename a folder. Probably that was something which triggered the  need to learn the basics.

 5.Topa for his carefree nature had always inspired me.


Moli said...

dost .. I have written before .. and will write again .. it is beyond my capacity to understand your love for the game -football, your passion for books and songs ... i sometimes wish i had such passion for something in life ..

Abhinav said...

@ Moli : Luck to have u as a friend yaar.

ThinkPad said...

It's good to thank your friends at time...
I read one quote long time back,"Friends are always at home, in our heart!!"..

Anuj Choudhary said...

dost... I learned to live-in-life and a lot of it is due to you :) love u