Monday, August 22, 2011

A reason to smile

Dear Blog,

I have always shared happy moments with you.Though i have not shared my desperate times much , i assure you that there weren't many and besides i have a bunch of great friends for all that.

I am happy today and an email has just made my day.I got the confirmation for participating in the Mumbai marathon.When i told you the reason of pursuing  an MBA, I was truthful.This marathon gives me an opportunity to meet my friends and note that I don't call it a reason because one does not need a reason to meet a friend.You know, the best part of college was  those evening runs with friends and in January i will be running with them again.

 I write this here because not all the emails I have received lately had the words like: delighted and congratulations.I have always held to fragments of hope and this hope has always carried me through the most adverse of situations.I think i can do with some hope at this juncture.

To quote from The Shawshank Redemption ,"There are places in this world that are not made out of stone.That there's something inside that they can't get to,that they can't touch.That's yours.......hope." 


Shilpa said...

All the best for the Marathon! I have never participated or been to one being (not on the athletic side!) but your excitement shows it means a lot to you! Enjoy the time with your friends!

Moli said...

dost happy for you .. prepare well for the marathon

saranya said...

hey Abhinavvvvvv....hw r u??? I am so happy tat u r participating in a big event n tat too with ur friends....super cool....Wish, January comes soooooooon :):)