Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Argetina vs Venezuela friendly in Kolkata

While going to Vaishno devi , it was "Jai mata Di,Jai mata Di",to Kedarnath,"Bol Bum,Bol Bum " but this time on my trip to Kolkata it will be,"Messi Messi", after all pilgrimage is all about faith.

This Monday i had the opportunity to watch a live match between TFA and Sikkim.The main attraction of the match was Baichung Bhutia and it was a pleasure seeing him play.Some months ago I played a half along with Subodh,a member of Indian football team.This Friday i will be watching Messi play.Somehow this year is turning out to be a wonderful year of football.

And for all those who are cracking jokes on Arsenal,"It’s easy to kick a dog when it’s down.  And it’s even easier when everyone else joins you in doing so.Arsenal will be back after the dust settles.


Bali Hotels said...

NIce panorama brother ^_^

Moli said...

nice post dost .. following 'defining atheist'

avinash said...

Really good to see you enjoying Football.. Where are you now?

And i really missed you during the Utd-Arsenal match :P Jus kidding...
I think with the signings Arsenal will be back and in top 3 cometh the end of the season.. Best of luck for you , your football endeavors and to the gunner in you..
Say hi to messi from me

Abhinav said...

@ Moli : thanku moli bhai.
@ Avinash : It was an amazing experience to see messi play.Also met Mallu and Hugga

Anonymous said...

I liked the post. :)