Monday, August 15, 2011

Freedom run- Aarambh 2011

The 5km race organised by IIM Ranchi named it as,"Freedom Run" though for me running has always been,"Run for Freedom."With a national flag on the chest and a chakra on the T-shirt I ran to celebrate the most important day of the Indian calender. 5km track has become a routine for me.The track where I generally run is exactly 2.5 km long and on any given day I easily run 2 rounds of it.The average time ranges from 21-25 minutes.So considering the distance it was a routine run but the joy of running with so many people is different.The good thing about these runs is that each experience is different.We human beings live for a change and running is a means for the same. 
Coincidentally i have received a  book named,"This is not that dawn-Yashpal" by the Crosswords group for reviewing.The book is the English translation of ,"Jhootha Sach",one of the most profound works on India-Pakistan partition.We live in a twitter and facebook world, a world which mostly makes narcissists.On this Independence day we may not find many reasons to celebrate.India, no doubt is soon emerging as a fast growing nation but in the run we have been paralyzed by corruption.It is high time we woke up and contributed our bit.

At the stroke of midnight with our bellies stuffed give it a thought,"Is it our Independence day or an independence holiday." 


Moli said...

I love the tapping of so many shoes on the road .. as if dry rain

Abhinav said...

@Moli bhai: interesting observation