Friday, August 12, 2011

Defining Atheist

"Any one who does not watch football is an atheist."---Abhinav

So the biggest thing on planet Earth starts  tomorrow and I feel excited much like the millions around the globe.

What is Football?

 Sweat,blood,passion,tackles,throughballs,goals,saves,tears,joy,fights,handshakes,booing,singing,victory,loss,points,mistakes,skill and many other uncountable things.But above all it is a religion which unifies people around the world irrespective of color and ethnicity.A religion which is not preached but widely followed by the masses.If there is a practical art of living life it is football.Not only football teaches you to be resolute but also to be patient in adversity.Someone who has seen football can understand the importance of a second, the significance of an opportunity,the virtue of  a decision  and meaning of loyalty.Call it passion,enthusiasm or commitment but the fact is that it is all in one and one in all.

I am a born Gunner and I put my stakes again on Arsenal.Hope this year brings some silverware."For Arsenal we live for Arsenal we die."
So which club are you supporting ?


Moli said...

Couldn't go beyond the definition of Atheist ... for a while? Stalled for a moment ... would it be wrong to be an atheist???
Anyway .. with 75% loyalty I cheer for ManU

Chola said...

Mama, Fabrigas and Nasri also gone now :-(

Starlit Mushrooms said...

United all the way!:D
i can't wait for La Liga to kick off too.

Chola said...

I think I will be an Atheist now !

Abhinav said...

Nahi chola bhai , this is the test of your faith , ek game nahi change kar sakta.